In the ever increasing digitization of supply chain activities, we keep the human operator efficiently in control, by offering the optimized tools for the specific challenges of your business.


  • Understanding your business

Their extensive experience allows our supply chain professionals to cooperate closely with your teams to understand your end-to-end challenges and goals, taking into account the requirements and interests of all stakeholders.

  • Taking into account the human factor

No supply chain processes can exist without human interaction for control and issue handling. Our solution designs will include the optimized support that the digital tools can give to the human operator, by auto-mating tasks and simplyfing data handling.  

  • Continous improvement

Your business is in continous evolution. New market opportunities, new customer challenges, organisational changes. That is why our professionals can assist you to keep your teams and capabilities up-to-date by  regular tuning of processes and tools.

  • (re-)Defining the right processes

Digitization can only be successful when it is based on processes that cover the real business requirements. Our professionals will support you in defining the most suitbale approaches to the different aspects of your supply chain.

  • Finding and implementing the best tools

The global market of technologies offers a wide variety of solutions that can support your specific challenges. Our independent consultants will guide you and support you to find and select the right partner(s) to fill the digital gaps in your architecture. 

  • Supporting daily operations

The current evolutions quickly introduce you to the connected supply chain that requires uninterrupted availabilty of information and systems. Our support team ensures your system run stable and your teams get the necessary functional support.


Supply Chain Assessment

Our supply chain specialists take a global overview of the current state of your supply chain and your upcoming challenges. They formulate concrete and specific recommendations for improvements.

Implementation Support

Successful IT projects depend strongly on a structured implementation with an eye for the reality of your business and the user experience. We ensure your objectives are achieved and secured for long term sustainability.    

Process & Tools Review

Do your current processes and supporting IT tools allow you to continue to operate efficiently in the coming years? Based on a throrough analysis we will advice you on gaps and opportunities by enhancing your systems landscape. 

Lifecycle Enhancement

By supporting you on a regular basis to keep your systems aligned with your business evolution and your (new ) staff up-to-date with the capabilities of the tools, we ensure a longer life of your investment whilst remaining up-to-date. 

Tool Design & Selection

Have you defined a need for a new tool or platform to take your business digitization to the next level? Our specialists will help you designing the optimal architecture and will support you to select the application(s) tailored for you.  

Data digitization & integration

The digital supply chain depends strongly on online cooperation between all stakeholders. Through our partnership with Lobster, we connect your business processes internally and connect you reliably to all your supply chain partners.


Our specialists will be happy to explore with you how our services can help you become more successful in your digital supply chain.


Our customers cover the entire scope of global supply chain activities and face a wide range of challenges. Their common factor is that they aim to remain or become leaders in their business by implementing the optimal processes and supporting technologies, tailored to their business scope and model. 

Retailers that want to create a  better customer experience

Industries that want to take control of their supply chain

Companies seeking to expand the global reach 

Transport companies facing new customer expectations

Companies requiring global visibility on the supply chain