Data digitization & integration




Supply chains are by nature networks of processes and companies cooperating across borders. This results in strong requirements for sharing information between systems and partners. Building on our partnership with the integration specialists of Lobster we have developed a standard toolset to create easy and fast connections between all supply chain stakeholders. Partners can exchange all relevant information efficiently and acurately to create real-time end-to-end visibilty.       



  • Internal process & systems integration

Based on a good understanding of your processes we create integrations between your different systems to achieve internal efficiency and gather company wide insights. Thus you maximize value of all individual systems, whilst optimizing your end-to-end process.

  • Linking partners across company borders

We extend the reach of your supply chain control beyond the borders of your internal processes and systems. Two-way connections based on industry standard or partner specific formats allow you to be up-to-date on progress, early detect anomalies and pro-actively solve potential disruptions. 

  • Integration as a Service

If your organisation is not ready or does not have the scale to run the integration services internally, Integration-as-a-Service offers you all the benefits of being connected without worrying about systems, development or maintenance. We manage the platform entirely so that you can focus maximum on the additional benefits integration will bring.  

  • Implementation support and training

You are planning to develop your own integration services, but are unsure how to begin. Or you want to give your new business approach a flying start. Our experienced professionals help you set up your platform and build your first integrations. The on-the-job training will get your team up to speed in the shortest delay possible while already creating value.  

  • Professional services

In today's integrated supply chains being able to rapidly and reliably connect with your new business partners, is key to capture new business opportunities. But, resources are scarce and priorities cannot always be reassigned instantly. Then our experienced professionals support your internal team to convince your potential customer of your capabilities and help you deliver on your promises. 

  • Supporting daily operations

The integration with your customers and business partners is a key element in the service you offer. Your internal processes and your customer service depend highly on the reliability of your interactions. By providing real-time monitoring, pro-active error handling and fast issues resolution our support team ensures your 24/7 business continuity and customer satisfaction.  


Our specialists will be happy to explore with you how our services can help you become more successful in your digital supply chain.